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Please Read This

The information on this site is separated by nationality. Each nationality then has two sources of information, firstly a list of Regiments or Battalions and then a list of Divisions. Both of these lists are linked, so you are able to follow a Battalion from the Regiments or Battalions page through the various Divisions it served with.

 The dates given for each battle on the British, Indian and East African Divisional lists are the dates the battle was fought and not the dates the Division was involved in the battle.  I will amend this at a later date. Any dates added later will be the actual dates the Division fought in a particular battle, as will be the case when the Canadian Battles are added.

If you click on a link and nothing seems to happen, then the destination of the link will be on the page you are already looking at. When a link takes you to another page find the unit you are following, then take a look at the whole page, there may be further information at the top or bottom of the page.

Poppy A poppy next to a title is indicating that somebody has placed a memorial to a member of that unit on the site, click on the poppy to view the memorial.

Any text in red is indicating an unconfirmed location or movement.  I will try to confirm them as soon as I can.  If you can help here please contact me with your information.

I maintain the site in my spare time, and as the subject requires a lot of research please be patient if the information you are looking for is not yet on the site. It is my intention to add the Order of Battle of all British and Dominion Ground Forces.

This whole idea was conceived several years ago while trying to find information on several relatives of mine who fought in the Great War. If you wish to read more about them go to the Information Page.